Elder Law

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Decades of Elder Law Expertise

When you or your loved ones need that extra help and care, you will be relieved that you took time to think through and prepare a plan that considers the emotional, physical and financial needs of your family and your loved one.

We can anticipate questions and concerns, reduce confusion, and clarify the choices and decisions that impact the quality of life as we age. Hurth, Sisk & Blakemore can guide you through this difficult process and help you form a plan that reflects your values, protects your assets, and exhibits respect and dignity for you and your family.

To speak with an elder law attorney in Boulder, CO, call us at 303.443.7900.

Ensure That You and Your Loved Ones are Cared For

Make sure that you have a plan for the inevitable reality of ageing. Hurth, Sisk & Blakemore attorneys can help you answer questions, reduce confusion and find a strategy for how to manage and pay for the cost of care for yourself and your loved ones. Our elder law attorneys in Boulder, CO see each case as individual, and want to make sure that your plan reflects all aspects of your needs. We can help you design a personalized long-term care plan.

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  • Special Needs Trusts in Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning for Public Benefits
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Advanced Directives
  • SSI Eligibility and Appeals
  • Fiduciary Representation
  • Medicaid Eligibility and Public Benefits
  • General Estate planning and administration (Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probate)

Protecting Our Elders

Elder abuse is an abhorrent and all too common situation. Proper legal counsel and planning can help you protect yourself and your ageing loved ones from being exploited or mistreated. HS&B is here to provide sound counsel for the most caring and reliable options for elder care, from fiduciary services to asset protection and Medicaid qualification. Our elder law attorneys in Boulder, CO provide compassionate support and advice, and will help you choose the path that’s right for you. Take the first step toward ensuring a safe and comfortable ageing process by contacting us at 303.443.7900 for a consultation.