Real Estate Attorneys in Boulder, CO

Hurth, Sisk & Blakemore, LLP offers individualized and professional service for individuals and entities as it may pertain to the following areas of real estate. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you.

Our real estate attorneys and our experienced legal staff work together in providing legal advice based upon our cumulative knowledge and experience. In addition, we will work with you to find the appropriate solution for your property needs.

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys in Boulder

We keep your best interests in mind as we provide expertise in the following areas of property law:

  • Residential/commercial transactions
  • Entities for real estate acquisition
  • Real estate litigation
  • Broker representation
  • Seller representation
  • Buyer representation
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Easement disputes
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Real estate title issues
  • Foreclosure
  • Boundary disputes
  • Land access disputes

Hurth, Sisk & Blakemore takes pride in being creative about, and responsive to, our client’s best interests. We always remember the axiom “do what is best for the client” without injecting personal issues to complicate the transaction.

Contact us now to see how our lawyers can simplify your interactions while negotiating the perfect contract.