He’s an attorney at Hurth, Sisk and Blakemore in Boulder and, years ago, was a college football referee. He is still a Louisville resident.

When Sisk campaigned to become Louisville’s mayor, he voiced strong support for the plan to bring commuter rail to Boulder County — something voters thought would’ve happened by now, according to the promises of the 2004 FasTracks initiative.

Today, RTD is deep in debt and officials there say it’s unlikely the rail promise is fulfilled until after 2040.

Only about one-seventh of the project, dubbed Northwest Rail by RTD, has been completed to date. That stretch runs from Denver to Westminster, while the lines from Westminster to Boulder and Longmont are slated for “future construction.”

“I continue to be disappointed that the Northwest Rail has not been built,” Sisk said. “I’ve been working aggressively on it and will continue to work on it as a private citizen.”

Sisk said he is proud of the Flatiron Flyer bus lines RTD implemented between Boulder and Denver. He also said he hopes that RTD will keep intact the EcoPass program, potential termination of which has been discussed in recent months.

He is not endorsing a successor at this time, but said he believes there will be significant candidate interest in his soon-to-be-vacant seat.